Student Prizes at the Ag Forest Met / Biogeosciences Conference

Aug 21, 2012

Congratulations go out to 3 students for outstanding presentations at the Agricultural and Forest Meteorology / Biogeosciences Conference in Boston in late May 2012.The winner of the Bert Tanner Prize, sponsored by Campbell Scientific Canada, was Neil Risk of the University of Guelph, for his presentation entitled "Comparison of Simultaneous Soil Profile N2O Concentrations and Surface N2O Flux Measurements Overwinter and at Spring Thaw in an Agricultural Soil".The winner of the CSAFM prize for an outstanding oral presentation was Amanda Mathys of UBC for her talk entitled "Can Forest Management Responses Increase the Net Ecosystem Production of Forests Attacked by the Mountain Pine Beetle?".And the winner of the CSAFM prize for an outstanding poster was Stephanie Crombie of McGill University, for her posted on "Carbon and Water Vapor Exchange in a Temperate Freshwater Marsh".Keep up the good work!!

Posted by: Ralf Staebler

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